Discover your intrinsic motives through Box Coaching

Coaching where you'll experience what your body is telling you

You have had coaching before and you understand exactly what is happening on a rational level. You know your themes, but you keep experiencing the same triggers over and over, going through the same vicious circle and displaying the same behavior. Super frustrating! You encounter this in your job, in your entrepreneurship, in your family and in your relationships, friendships and with family. Ultimately, who you are and what you do are interwoven throughout your daily life.

These can be themes such as guarding boundaries, taking care of yourself, saying ‘no’, dosing, energy management, standing up for yourself, making choices, connecting, trusting, being overstimulated or understimulated, balance between having to/wanting, dealing with emotions, self-confidence , learning to feel, grieving, etc.

These themes are often based on beliefs and patterns from your system of origin. These patterns and beliefs become visible when we get you moving. This allows you to better connect with what your body needs, so that your themes are no longer a theme.

The ultimate form of self-care.


If you are better connected to your body:

… You feel strong and powerful

… You experience a more balanced life 

… Your thougths don’t dominate you anymore

… You can find your calm because you are less triggered

… Is it easier to define feelings of unrest

… The quality of your relationships will improve

… You can make the right choices based on your intuition

… Your mind and your feelings can work together again

… You learn to feel again

… You can give space to your emotions

Listen to the whispering of your body, so it doesn't have to scream

The body doesn’t lie. Very often it tries to tell you something, but you don’t listen to it. You either ignore it or you don’t take it seriously. While it has so many signals. And that makes it a wonderful instrument to develop yourself. Sometimes you get stuck in situations at work, or you keep running into the same dynamics in your relationships. Do you have difficulty with your own role as a mother or father? Do you find it difficult to stand up for yourself in friendships? Or maybe your role as a daughter or son is complicated because there is a lot going on in your family.

The great thing is: the key to everything you long for is already within reach. In fact, you are the key. Your body has all the knowledge in it to help yourself to a life with less unrest, more satisfaction, analyze less, run less, be more, feel more and more awareness.


In Box Coaching, boxing is used as a tool for coaching, personal and leadership development. By using your moving body, we can clarify what is needed to improve your situation or to fulfill your desire. So that you can start experience insightful steps to give direction to your life.

The body is designed to move


As a former physiotherapist and manual therapist, I know better than anyone that a healthy, moving body can’t be taken for granted. But I have also experienced that the body is a wonderful system of chains, with a natural regenerative capacity. That ability can be hindered by several factors.

By combining both Box Coaching and the SPAT method   (development triangle of physical, mental and emotional skills), I have unique tools at my disposal to help you experience the deeper layers of your themes based on the movement of your body.

Through unconscious patterns and entrenched beliefs, we forget how powerful and honest our bodies really are. We are more and more cut off from this power when we only pay attention to our head and thoughts.

Get your body moving and turn off your head. Our thoughts play an important role in our daily existence. We are rational beings and because we can think and analyze we develop ourselves at lightning speed. Moreover, we process an enormous amount of stimuli per day. Aware and unaware. From the moment we wake up, we are ON and we have a certain gear with which we go through the day.

An acceleration that means that we achieve a lot. We are successful in our work, keep everything running smoothly in family life, make sure we stay fit by exercising regularly, participate in many social networks or do an education that enriches our knowledge.

But meanwhile we feel empty and flattened. We live on autopilot. We feel unhappy despite the fact we seem to have everything our heart desires.

Do you want to get started with your themes in an active way, with yourself as the most important instrument?

Then boxing coaching is exactly what you are looking for!

Invest in your personal development


During an exploration session of about an hour in which you go for a walk, we map out your desire for change by telephone.

After that, we plan within 5 months, 6 outdoor training sessions of 1 hour in which we work on your themes. It is nice to wear comfortable clothing, but the training sessions are not workouts or boxing lessons.

In total, the process takes five months. Your investment is a monthly rate of €149 (excluding VAT) per month, during those five months. Payment is made by invoice.

Extension of the coaching sessions is optional and will be agreed upon by us both.

Personal development is a process in which some help is required every now and then. But that doesn’t have to be weekly talking sessions that last for months. You need time and space to translate your acquired insights into your daily life.

For questions and more information I can be reached by email: or you can call or whatsapp me on 06 16 61 62 22

The way others experienced Box Coaching

"These sessions go so much further than just 'talking about'. I can easily recall the experiences gained and apply them in my daily life."
"Marleen knows how to combine hard and soft, which makes me able to be more in the here and now, by use of boxing and breathing techniques."
"You cannot escape being challenged by Marleen, she knows exactly how to tackle the blockages. Body and mind are in contact during these exercises"
"If you want to learn what your body wants to tell you instead of your head, then Marleen is the right coach for you. With her you have a coach who quickly gets to the core and confronts you with it. She won't let go unless you want her to."